Trees are valuable for maintaining ecological balance, bio-diversity and protecting environment. Grow trees for clean air. They give us oxygen essential for us and absorb carbon dioxide that we breathe out. They supply fruits, timber for furniture and construction materials. But for some special reasons, fruits bearing trees ought to receive per-eminence in plantation programs. Fruits are impressive providers of calories, cardo-hydrates, minerals, proteins and vitamins needed for human body. Many of the fruit like jackfruit have nutritional elements. And fruits are said to improve the immune system of the body. They are very good for avoidance of excess fat and proteins taken from meals. Another Medicinal herbs and trees are also required to be planed as people, for ages, of our country, are using them as preventive and curative medicines.

SOCIAL AiD would like to planning and participation of local government and people in rural community for plantation along convenient road side and homestead. It will reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty.


  • Increase the green coverage with suitable fruit and medicinal plantation;
  • Involve the communities/beneficiaries, local government and SOCIAL AiD in plantation activities along with road side, in and around their houses and available common spaces;
  • Stop soil erosion, reduce the risk of landslide and improve the watershed areas; and
  • Make a healthy environment for the inhabitants and improve the livelihood opportunity with the green plantation.

Benefit to the community:

The project will provide benefits the beneficiaries through income generation and reduce malnutrition but will also play an important role in improving health and green environment friendly for safety in the rural communities.