Given the scale of Ruhingya influx, it’s called the fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world. The needs of Ruhingya refugees are food, shelter, safe drinking water, sanitation, clothes, healthcare, reproductive health support and children’s basic education etc.

In response to the current massive humanitarian crisis, SOCIAL AiD has been providing food, clothes, deep tube-wells for safe drinking water and community toilets for sanitation with the support of Asian Resource Foundation-ARF and AMAN, Thailand. Since the start of the Ruhingya influx in the last August 2017, SOCIAL AiD has provided food & non-food items to the over 20000 Ruhingya families. In each food package contains rice, lentils, potatoes, salt, cocking oil, onions, sugar, dry chili, turmeric powder, mosquito net, SOCIAL Aid also has provided winter aid to the Ruhingya families with a package which is including for every family is 2 no. blankets, 1 sweater for children and 1 unisex Shawl. For water and sanitation purpose ANTAR has setup community toilets and 30 deep tube-wells for safe drinking water in the Kutupalong camp area.

SOCIAL AiD aiming to enhance:

  • To improve the humanitarian needs and ensure improved access to basic food security of Extreme poor and needy families.
  • To undertake relief and other emergency programs in the event of natural disasters like Rohingya Refugee Crisis, flood, cyclone, tornado, earthquake, and so on.
  • Undertaking economic activities to alleviate poverty through proper training for being self-reliant.
  • To ensure the supply of safe drinking water to hilly areas and awareness build-up in health & hygiene.
  • To provide Water well and sanitary hygiene toilets among beneficiaries for increasing awareness on health, sanitation and environmental pollution.

SOCIAL AiD Emergency Humanitarian Support to Rohingya Refugees has so far included:

  • Emergency food bags distribution,
  • Hygiene kits Distribution,
  • Essential nonfood items (NFI),
  • Child friendly space (CFS),
  • Installation of shallow tube well & Deep Tube wells
  • Installation of a Hygiene Block Latrine
  • Installation of Hygiene Washroom for Women
  • ESK – Emergency Shelter kits support and USK – Upgrading Shelter kits support
  • Winter items distribution
  • Shelter Construction
  • Hygiene promotion Orientation,