SOCIAL AiD Education Support to Rohingya Refugees and Bandarban district has so far included

Objective: Population has optimal access to education
Outcomes: The outcomes of the proposed project are-

    • Basic education provided to children and adolescent
    • Enhanced quality education and learning achievement

      Under this proposed project SOCIAL AiD will create a safe and protected child-friendly environment and learning opportunities for the Rohingya children and adolescent living in Camp and Bandarban. The proposed project will be implemented through creating and providing facilities in the area of ECD, Primary education For Home-based ECD, one facilitator will facilitate 4 centers in different shed with 25 children in each and contact hour will be 2 hours for each center.
      The proposed project will engage parent with the children education process. Through this project Centre Management Committee (CMC), Parent Association (PA) will be formed and strengthen community engagement and ownership. Parents meeting, shad yard meeting and parenting session will be conducted regularly.


The project will arrange basic training, refreshers training and capacity building activities for teachers, facilitators on pedagogy, teaching learning method, material development and also hands-on exercise aiming to ensure quality education. The project will also arrange “Teacher for teachers’ development” activities during implementation period.

Colorful and quality materials including work books, PVC charts, flash card, flip chart will be developed and deliver to the learns and the centers. Students will also be provided sufficient learning logistics and aid regularly. Different teaching learning materials will be developed for the children.

Sports and cultural events like indoor and our door games, sports and cultural events will be included in curriculum. A half yearly intra center sports and cultural competition will be arranged. Cultural groups will be developed with the learners of secondary level. The project will emphasize on art and drawing of children and an exhibition will be arranged yearly and displayed learners drawing.